maple story

sorry i didn't right back i was lazy. well i became a fighter instead, and its taking forever to level up, im 32 now and thats all im going to right.

maple story

im a 29 already. i had to start on a new character, hes DJmasher in khaini. im getting my 2nd job advancement soon. im going to be page. ill write in again when im page and post picture of my character.


SRY dudes i couldn't get the vid up too busy with teacher said i dont have to do the president thing (i think).but i dont get that much credit so i think i get a C+.need to do better in school =(.

todays homework was
reading for 30mins
POW(problem of the week)
word study

thats all.our class gets homework every day except on the weekends.

i think ill get the vid up by 5/6/06.(^^)

Not much

well school is almost over.i think its 5 more weeks or 4 more weeks.i have to study for a test.a test on presidents.i have to say them in order.haven't been called out yet by my teacher, if ive been called out i would be doom.i only could remember the first 8 (i think) let see ummmmmmm......

George washington
John adams
Thomas jefferson
James madison
James monroe
john quincy adams
Andrew jackson
martin van buren
william henry harrison
john tyler
ummmmmm........whatelse (thinking)
Zachory taylor
Milord fillmore
Franklin pierce

Thats all i know.ihave to study more before i get called out by my teacher.after that test theres a capitals and states test.i know all that except the capitals.then theres the hardest one to remember.The gettysburg address.theres three paragraphs.ive better do some studying or else ill fail.i already failed one test becuase i didn't turn in my paper.i was done but i thought it needed a little touches to it.but it was too parents are going to ground me if they see that F.

What im going to do for the summer vaction maybe is to go to the Philipines (of course im filipino).also go to san diego.where i used to live.i like going out of town so i could get away from my friend.he get so annoying becuase he always comes everytime to my house and says marc can you play.and i have to play or else he'll force me.i have to make up an excuse so i cant play.i like it better just spending time at my house with my family.
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maple story

well, i kind of suck at stepmania now, so i play maple story. fun game. im noob at so im new to it. my guy is a lv 6 and wielding a sword. im hoping to be a theif. cause they wear cool clothes it also not becuase of that, there really strong to. i have 12 mesos cuase i spend it all on traveling. a big waste of mesos. i died in the game 6 times already. cuase i always get beat up by those big slob things and those big mushrooms.

~add me on your friends list if play maple story~
Want to play maple story?

PS, i will make a vid how i suck at stepmania now.

Kingdom hearts II

I beat the game like 1 month ago. Xemnes was hard cause i kept dying it took 11 times to beat him. he kept warping, that was the hard part about beating him. I hate the part where he chokes Sora and you have to be Riku. Bad part is you cant attack that good,hes slow,and that multiple of xemnes keeps using that move guard. I also hatewhen he warps and there two of him,one thats sliding,one just standing still. The real one was the one standing still.I was pissed about that.

The part im stuck on now is where i have fine the recipes for the ultima weapon. its suck becuase where the hell im going to fine 12 orechalcum +'s. I think I have 9 now. I need that becuase I need to beat sephiroth. Thats the big thing. I have to get that ultima weapon. I tryed to beat him with my keyblade "oblivion", and it sucked I only got 2 out of 15 bars. I was not even close to beating him. OH YEAH it said that i need glide and also gaurd (i guess).

Videos of people beating sephiroth (pisses me off) (this is kingdom hearts 1 this guy beating sephiroth with no health damage) proud mode)